Collar YOOS: Alivio del malestar articular y mejora de la movilidad en perros

« Help to relieve your dog from joint discomfort for 4 weeks »

All dogs can experience joint stiffness and discomfort regardless of their breed, gender and age.

This is due to premature joints aging.

Bones are protected by the articular cartilage witch acts as shock absorber. In case of joint discomfort, this cartilage is damaged progressively and can no longer play its role of shock absorber causing joints stiffness, pain and
decreased mobility.

You can see 3 stages of the joint discomfort : 

  • - Stage 1 «cold pain» : mild to moderate joint stiffness especially in the morning or after rest
  • - Stage 2 «hot pain» : joint pain during the effort
  • - Stage 3 «permanent pain» : difficulties to move regardless of the effort

YOOS collar is impregnated with essentials oils : Wintergreeen and Moroccan Rosemary oils

These essentials oils are selected for their soothing action on joint discoomfort. 

Wintergreen and Moroccan Rosemary oils diffuse over the whole body, penetrate throught the skin and relieve your dog's joint discomfort. 

Quick and proven effect on joint stifness and loss of mobility

Essential oils are incorporated within the YOOS collar polymer matrix and are released progressively.

First improvements are visible after only three days.

Thanks to this unique patended sustained release technology,YOOS collar is acting during 30 days.

  • « It helped rejuvenate him »
  • « Fantastic result !  »
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  • « Much happier !  »